Experience, local knowledge and discretion.

This is Holux Re.

Since 1974 we have been advising and negotiating prestigious properties in Costa Smeralda.

Property search.

Searching far from home can take time, energy and money, we know. That's why we offer a tailored search service. We want to help you find the house that can meet all the requirements you have in mind, avoiding any possible risk.

The ideal property.

After identifying what is important to you in your search for a house in Costa Smeralda, we select the properties that best meet your requirements, providing you with adequate documentation; once identified those that best suit your needs, we organize their visit.

Purchase “zero” stress.

Once the choice has been made, we guide you through all the stages of negotiation. Working closely with our technicians and professionals, we ensure that the property you choose has all the required compliance features. This way, your purchase will be quick, simple and without surprises.

Off-market properties.

We have resources and contacts that allow us to access a wide range of properties officially on the market, but we also know what may be available soon, because we are often contacted by owners who are looking for a discreet service to present their properties to potential buyers. As a result, we can offer you an even wider selection of properties.

Personal consultation.

We can also help you with a simple consulting activity. Having useful information about property values and market trends can help you choose the right property and make the right decisions. Let’s talk about it together.